How out of the ordinary is the recent warmth across Colorado and the western United States? Which of the hosts most accurately predicted our snow total for the Groundhog Day storm? What is our snow and temperature outlook for the second half of winter as El Niño continues to weaken? Listen to find out!

Show highlights include:

  • Intro
    • Hosts: Andy, Ben,  & Joseph
    • Andy’s El Niño field campaign update
    • How how did the hosts get last weekend (in altitude)?
  • Past week’s weather discussion (Feb 8-12, 2016)  [Timestamp 20:26]
    • Ridge building across the West
    • Snow continues to melt under record warmth
    • Ten consecutive dry days, ten more to come?
  • Listener Question: Atmospheric Rivers and the Pineapple Express [Timestamp 39:34]
  • El Niño Update and the End of Winter Outlook [Timestamp 48:30]
    • How well did our Fall 2015 forecast turn out
    • Is this El Niño the strongest ever? Yes and no
    • Unique aspects of this event
    • Boulder/Denver snowfall and temperature outlook for February, March, and April
      • Graphics and summary available in our companion blog post

Ben Castellani

Ben grew up in western Pennsylvania and holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree in meteorology. He currently works on a programming language tailored for scientists at Harris Geospatial Solutions in Boulder.

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