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The 2013 Boulder Flood: Four years and three billion dollars later

Four years ago this week, torrential rains fell across the Front Range, triggering one of the worst floods in Colorado’s short recorded history, accompanied by a staggering repair bill now approaching $3 billion. With Boulder County at the epicenter of the disaster, the road to recovery has been long and arduous, and still continues today. We take a look back at this historic event, explain how it happened, and provide an update on related analysis performed since.

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This week in weather: August 21, 2017

After a warm weekend, the chance of thunderstorms returns to the region this week, along with somewhat cooler temperatures. What days will likely see the best chance? Read on to find out. We also discuss the eclipse today and the threat of clouds hampering the viewing party!

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This week in weather: August 14, 2017

Our cool and wet prediction for the month of August has held true thus far. The city of Boulder is currently riding a streak of 17 consecutive days of below normal temperatures. Furthermore, the last 90-degree afternoon was nearly three weeks ago. Will the upcoming week continue the trend? Read on to find out!

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This week in weather: August 7, 2017

As we begin a first full week of August, we detail the forecast which calls for a rather wet start to our week. Temperatures will be below seasonal averages thanks to cloud cover and precipitation, although a warming trend looks to take hold by the end of the week. Read on for our full weekly outlook.

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This week in weather: July 31, 2017

As we close out the month of July and move into the fourth week of monsoon season, somewhat drier air will take hold across Colorado and make for less storm activity overall this week. However, a significant cool-down is likely towards the latter part of the week ahead. Read on for details.

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DayCAST: Thu 07/27/17

How about that slow-moving monsoon storm last night in Boulder….definitely our most intense rainfall since late last summer.  Between 7and 9 PM, 0.5 to 1.0″ of rain was recorded as torrential rain pounded the city. The radar image from 7:42 PM is below, with the storm that affected Boulder circled in pink.

Radar image from Wednesday night at 7:42 PM. Monsoon storms!

Yesterday had a lot of solid meteorology working together to produce the heavier rainfall. Today we will not see quite as favorable of conditions. Moisture has dropped and the frontal boundary has pushed well south and east.

After morning sun, expect partly cloudy skies in the afternoon and storms forming after 2PM, first across the higher elevations. We expect storm coverage to be isolated across the Metro area, with scattered activity in the Foothills (especially south and west of Denver). Highs will remain cool in the lower 80’s.

Unsettled conditions will remain through the upcoming weekend, with at least isolated chances of storms each day.

Fujiwhara Effect! 

While checking the health of our monsoon flow for this forecast, I noticed a rare phenomenon in the models that is expected to happen between two tropical systems off the western coast of Mexico in the coming days. It is known as the Fujiwhara Effect and it happens when two nearby low pressure systems (normally tropical cyclones) orbit each other and spiral closer together. You can see this happening in the animation below between Tropical Storm Irwin (left) and Hurricane Hilary (right). Here is some additional reading from Wikipedia on this rare effect if you are interested.

Animation showing a likely Fujiwara interaction between two tropical cyclones off the western coast of Mexico this weekend.

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This week in weather: July 24, 2017

Much of our region has missed out on the monsoon thunderstorms so far. As we move into the last week of July, Boulder’s monthly rainfall total rests at just 0.32″. Normal for the month of July is right around 2″, so this is well below average. The week ahead will offer a resurgence of monsoon moisture to northeast Colorado. However, as always, not everyone will see the much needed soaking rains.

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This week in weather: July 17, 2017

A rather benign period overall is headed our way with high pressure in place through most of the upcoming week. However, we will need to be on the lookout for thunderstorms toward the latter part of the week with the return of monsoonal moisture. Prior to that, heat will be the story. Read on for our detailed weekly forecast.

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This week in weather: July 10, 2017

This week we discuss the arrival of the summer monsoon which will facilitate some of the best chances of rain we have seen in weeks.

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Why is Colorado one of the most deadly states for lightning?

A woman and her horse were killed earlier this month when lightning stuck in a forest along the Palmer Divide south of Denver. This was the first death directly attributed to lightning in the United States in 2017. Lightning is a staple of summer in Colorado, which by the way, is just five weeks away! Almost every day, monsoon moisture boils up into dark early afternoon clouds, some of which produce deadly cloud-to-ground lightning. We briefly review a few statistics and remind you that Colorado is ranked near the top of the list for lightning-related fatalities for a reason.

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This week in weather: August 22, 2016

After a wet end to the previous week, the weekend started out cool and concluded warm with highs approaching 90 degrees over the Plains on Sunday. This week will begin with above normal temperatures, but a cold front moving in along with subtropical moisture will increase our threat of rain and storms through the middle of the week. Once again our weekly discussion is riddled with mentions of rain, but as always, the extent and intensity for any given location remains to be seen. Read on for the full week-ahead forecast.

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This week in weather: August 15, 2016

As we rapidly sprint towards the end of meteorological summer and the conclusion of Colorado’s wet season, the weather for the week ahead will not sway much from what we have come to expect. Chances of rain will be there, but not substantial. We’re also tracking yet another fall-like cool-down just in time for the weekend. Continue reading for our outlook for the upcoming week.

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This week in weather: August 8, 2016

Following four days of unseasonably cool temperatures, this week begins warm as moderately-moist southwest flow dominates the region. By mid-week, moisture associated with two tropical cyclones spreads into Colorado alongside a cold front from the north. With this, we’ll see storm chances increase and temperatures fall once again. Read on for our complete weekly outlook.

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