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Strong downslope winds likely tonight through Wednesday

The first high wind event of the “winter” season is upon us. We touch on why these type of downslope events happen, and provide details on the timing and intensity of the strongest winds.

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This week in weather: October 30, 2017

Look for cold temperatures and a wintry mix on Monday, followed by a return to mild weather come midweek thanks to downslope winds across the Foothills and Plains. Read on for our spooky forecast for Halloween and the upcoming week.

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Winter briefly returns, more snow early next week

From summer to winter in the blink of an eye! There has been quite the weather transition in the last 48 hours. We review yesterday’s snowfall and give some insight into when we may see our next.

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Record warmth today & snow tomorrow!

Temperatures are climbing to near-record levels into the low 80’s this afternoon. Would you believe that by this time tomorrow we’ll be 40 to 50 degrees colder with snowflakes flying? That is the situation at hand as a quick-moving storm system is set to clip eastern Colorado. Read on for details.

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This week in weather: October 23, 2017

The main story for the week ahead will be the roller-coaster ride of temperatures! They will soar to near 80 degrees by midweek, but then tumble to bring the chance of snow to the region by Thursday. Read on for our complete outlook of the upcoming week.

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DayCAST: Wed 10/18/17

One reason for the recent stretch of quiet and warm weather in Colorado is that the position of jet stream is FAR to our north in Canada. Weather systems tend to form near the jet stream….along the baroclinic boundary between warm and cold air masses. Without the jet, our pattern has been quiet this week and this will continue through Friday evening.

250 mb wind map for this afternoon showing the position of the jet stream (lime green).

For today, expect mid-level clouds to dominate the sky in the morning as a swath of elevated moisture interacts with the terrain. However, drier air aloft moves in by lunch which will allow for sunshine this afternoon and evening. High temperatures will be in the upper 70’s today!

After 70’s tomorrow and possibly low 80’s on Friday, a dry cold front sweeps through Friday night. Temperatures will tumble about 20 degrees for Saturday, but at least that sun won’t stop shining…

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This week in weather: October 16, 2017

The gorgeous weather pattern of last week will continue into the week ahead with warm sunny days and cool autumn nights. There isn’t much actual weather to discuss this week this week, but we’ll give it our best shot!

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This week in weather: October 10, 2017

We hope you enjoyed the Columbus Day holiday! In this special weekly outlook, we provide a brief recap of yesterday’s snowstorm, announce the winners of our 2017 First Snow Contest, and detail the warm and sunny weather about to make a rebellious stand across Colorado.

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Storm Update: First snow of the season still on track

The winter storm advertised by the weather models remains on track to bring snow and much colder temperatures to the region tonight. We provide a timeline for the storm and our final snowfall forecast map.

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Bundle up! The season’s first snow arrives Sunday night

Things are about to turn white across the region as a quick-hitting storm brings freezing temperatures and snow to the Front Range. Read on for details.

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La Niña Watch in effect for this winter

It now appears we may be headed into our second consecutive La Niña winter. We discuss the forecast, remind you what La Niña actually is, and explain potential impacts on Colorado for this winter.

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This week in weather: October 2, 2017

The storm track has officially returned southward to Colorado! The first full-week of October will feature a swing in temperatures, starting off on the cold and wet side for your Monday. Meanwhile, the first dumping of snow in the Mountains and Foothills started yesterday and continues today. Read on for our complete outlook.

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