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Thursday Morning Update: Historic storm still on track

We provide an updated forecast for the powerful spring storm currently impacting the region. Slightly colder temperatures have bumped up our snowfall forecasts in some locations. Read on for details.

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Storm Update: Yes Denver, it’s going to snow! In the Foothills…

The next few days will solidify the rest of the country’s belief that our weather here is pure insanity. We provide an update on what is shaping-up to be an historic late-season winter storm for the Front Range Foothills. The potential for accumulating snow across the lower elevations is much more uncertain at this time. Read on for the latest details…

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Why is Colorado one of the most deadly states for lightning?

A woman and her horse were killed earlier this month when lightning stuck in a forest along the Palmer Divide south of Denver. This was the first death directly attributed to lightning in the United States in 2017. Lightning is a staple of summer in Colorado, which by the way, is just five weeks away! Almost every day, monsoon moisture boils up into dark early afternoon clouds, some of which produce deadly cloud-to-ground lightning. We briefly review a few statistics and remind you that Colorado is ranked near the top of the list for lightning-related fatalities for a reason.

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This week in weather: May 15, 2017

More unsettled weather is looming for the week ahead! We’ll squeeze out a few nice days to start, but temperatures will be tumbling by mid week as a formidable storm system heads towards Colorado. Thursday and Friday’s forecast is currently shrouded in a bit of uncertainty, by several models are indicating significant precipitation for the Front Range, and even the potential for accumulating snow across the Plains. Read on for all the details.

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Dreary week delivers promised rain

Our rainiest month has delivered this week with beneficial moisture falling across all of the Front Range. And of course, let’s not forget Monday’s insane hailstorm in downtown Denver, Lakewood, and Arvada. Here are cumulative rain totals this week through 7:00 AM Thursday:

  • Boulder – 1.80″
  • Golden – 1.72″
  • Nederland – 1.45″
  • BoulderCAST Station – 1.39″
  • Downtown Denver – 1.30
  • Broomfield – 0.95″
  • Louisville – 0.89″
  • Longmont – 0.75″
  • Denver Int’l Airport – 0.75″

With three and a half “days of Seattle” out of the way, we’ll revert to “typical Colorado” in short order. Sunshine returns and temperatures rebound to near 80 degrees tomorrow and into the weekend.

DayCAST: Wed 05/10/17

It will be a dreary day here in the Front Range. Read on for our complete forecast for today and tonight.

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This week in weather: May 8, 2016

Our weather turned quite warm to end the week, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday well above average in the 80’s across much of the Metro area. Unfortunately, this week will see a gradual drop in temperatures all thanks to a large cut-off low pressure system churning slowly across the Desert Southwest. It also looks to be a wet week overall, especially Tuesday and Wednesday. All the details can be found in our week ahead outlook, so read on…

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May Outlook: Trends, climatology, and predictions

With April come and gone, we are now fully entrenched in the Spring season here in the Front Range. We take a look at current trends, past climatology, and offer our prediction for the month of May in northeast Colorado.

This content was exclusively available to BoulderCAST Premium Members through May 2, 2017. 

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This week in weather: May 1, 2016

Happy First of May! Last week’s wintry weather will indeed be a tough act to follow. The week ahead will be quieter for sure, but the threat of rain and higher elevation snow is still a concern. We also see 80-degree temperatures and a stellar weekend on the horizon. Read on for our complete forecast of the upcoming week.

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Storm recap: Just a weekend of winter

Winter has made quite the return across the Front Range this weekend! Snowfall totals from this weekend’s storm ranged from a couple of inches to a couple of feet. Continue reading as we provide a brief recap of what could potentially be our last snow event until Autumn.

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Final forecast comes in a little snowier, uncertainty remains (Updated)

As we have been relaying to you all week, another spring snow storm is on the way this evening and will linger into Saturday afternoon.  Read on as we detail our final thoughts on the storm and snow amounts for the Foothills and Plains.

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Forecast for Friday and Saturday is messy to say the least

Another storm is on the way! These late-season spring systems are almost always a messy forecast with a high potential to bust. The upcoming storm will NOT be an exception to this general rule. We detail the set-up for the storm and provide some initial thoughts and expectations for rain and snow set to begin Friday afternoon and continue into Saturday.

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Precipitation vs. Evaporation: A Losing Battle

On a basic level, you’re likely familiar with the terms precipitation and evaporation. However, their relationship to one another is more important than you may think for Colorado. We explain this relationship and why it has major impacts on our plant life, population sustainability, drought potential, and even feeds back into our every day weather.

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