What wild Boulder weather made it into our year-end recap? Which Boulder restaurant did Matt contract food poisoning from? Why was this year’s El Niño disappointing thus far? Listen to this special edition podcast to find out!

Show highlights include:

  • Intro
    • Hosts: Andy, Ben & Matt
  • Past week’s weather discussion (Jan 10-14, 2016)
  • A Recap of 2015’s Weather
    • Boulder and Colorado in general
      • New snow record
      • Wet spring / flooding
      • EF3 tornado
      • Lackluster monsoon
      • Warm fall
    • Around the World
      • Super El Niño
      • Earth’s warmest year yet
      • Hurricane season: Feast and famine
      • Tornado deaths down

Ben Castellani

Ben grew up in western Pennsylvania and holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree in meteorology. He currently works on a programming language tailored for scientists at Harris Geospatial Solutions in Boulder.

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