What factors do we consider when making a snowfall forecast? What did the hosts pick up on sale during Black Friday? What is the process like to get our research published in a scientific journal? Listen to find out!

Show highlights include:

  • Intro
    • Hosts: Andy & Ben
    • Thanksgiving / Black Friday recap
  • Past week’s weather discussion (Nov 22-28, 2015)
    • Freezing rain, snow, and cold
    • Weak, slow-moving system
    • Recap article
  • Forecasting snow amounts
    • Snow to liquid ratios
    • Dendritric growth, temperature, moisture, snow crystal types, ground heat content, snowflake size distributions, and more!
A microscopic image of snowflakes Ben captured in Greenland.

A microscopic image of snowflakes captured in Greenland

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Ben Castellani

Ben grew up in western Pennsylvania and holds both a bachelor's and a master's degree in meteorology. He currently works on a programming language tailored for scientists at Harris Geospatial Solutions in Boulder.

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