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The posts bring attention to new site features or useful updates to features that already existed.

CONTEST: Predict Our Snowfall for the Next Three Months!

*Contest entries are now closed* 

What is the outlook for snowfall in the next three months? You tell us! We provide a brief overview of the climatology, long-range model forecasts, and La Niña for the next three calendar months. We then ask for YOUR long-range forecast for snowfall in Boulder. Prizes include Amazon gift cards, BoulderCAST T-Shirts, and Premium subscriptions. Enter now!

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Find Your Next Snow Day…

PowderCAST 2.0 is now available

We just completed a major upgrade to our PowderCAST suite of ski forecasts! Here are some of the NEW features we’re most excited about:

  • MORE Days: Track powder for the next SIX days
  • MORE Resorts: All of Colorado’s 22 ski resorts are included
  • MORE Weather: New forecast parameters, such as wind chill and probability of precipitation
  • MORE Elevations: Forecasts cover the base, mid mountain, and top of each resort
  • MORE Maps: More than 35 forecast maps are included
  • MORE Accuracy: Machine learning and frequent updates give you the most accurate forecasts possible
  • MORE Accessible: All of our forecasts are accessed from a single webpage

Finding the next “POW Day” is now easier than ever with PowderCAST 2.0. We hope you enjoy!

Ask BoulderCAST: Submit your yearning questions to us!

We have a lot of weather topics that we’re eager to share, but we want to hear from you as well!

If you have a technical question, something you’d like to learn more about, or just an idea for a blog post that you would love to see on BoulderCAST, please tell us below. We will read and consider every topic suggested, although we can’t promise when or if they will get answered or posted. Thank you!


*PREMIUM ONLY* Sign up to receive emails for DayCASTs!

Hooray! We’re happy to announce that we now offer notification emails to alert you when our daily forecasts are published (Premium membership required). Please fill out the form below to sign up now. You will be added to the mailing list within 48 hours.

NOTE: This email sign-up is entirely separate from any other email service with BoulderCAST.  You can unsubscribe at any time.


Thanks to those of you that provided vigilant reminders to our team that you wanted this feature. Enjoy!

“First Snow” Contest is closed. Now let it snow!

Thanks to everyone who entered our “First Snow” contest. We briefly review the entries, which surprisingly follow closely with Boulder’s climatology of late October.

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When will Boulder’s first snow occur? Enter for a chance to win!

3rd Annual BoulderCAST First Snow Contest
*This contest is now closed to entries*

Are you eager for the first snow of the season? Have you already waxed your skis and purchased your Epic Pass? Our first big snow could be right around the corner! We provide a brief overview of Boulder’s first snowfall climatology and then pose a question…“When will Boulder’s first snow occur this year?” Submit your guess for not only a chance to win recognition among local weather enthusiasts, but prizes too. Those who get closest to the date of our first snow win. Read on for all the details.

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Introducing SummitCAST, hiking forecasts for Colorado’s high country

Today we are excited to announce the launch of SummitCAST, our cutting-edge suite of localized forecasts for Colorado’s top hiking destinations. Read on for all the details and begin planning your next alpine excursion using the BEST mountain forecasts currently available!

To celebrate the launch of SummitCAST, through July 31st use the promo code SUMMIT to receive a 33% discount on an annual subscription to BoulderCAST Premium. The final price is just $26.80 per year!

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SOLSTICE ONLY: Celebrate summer with our biggest Premium discount ever!

For today only, in celebration of the first day of summer, use the promo code SUMMER to receive 40% off an annual subscription to BoulderCAST Premium, our biggest discount ever!

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Congrats to the winners of our Late-Season Snow Contest!

Thanks to those of you whom participated in our Late-Season Snow Contest.  The goal of the competition was to predict the amount of snow that would accumulate in Boulder from April 12 to May 31, 2017. In this post we review the entries, discuss the snow storms that occurred during that seven-week window, and announce the winners!

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“Late Season Snow” contest entries are in, winners to be determined May 31st

Thanks to everyone who entered our “2017 Late Season Snow” contest. We briefly review the entries. Not surprisingly, most of you are less than optimistic for additional snowfall by the end of May.

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CONTEST: How much MORE snow will Boulder see this winter season?

*This contest is now closed to entries. Keep an eye out as we’ll be doing more contests in the future*

We provide a brief climatology for late-season snowfall in Boulder and then pose the question…”How much more snowfall will Boulder see in the 2016-17 snow season?” Submit your guess for a chance at several prizes. Those who get closest to the exact amount win. Read on for all the details.

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The BoulderCAST Livecam is in need of a new home! (Updated)

As the literal sun sets on another beautiful day in northeast Colorado, the sun is also figuratively setting on the current positioning of the BoulderCAST Livecam. As such, we’re actively searching for a new location to support our “eye to the sky” in Boulder.  This is where you, our readers, can help out by providing the BoulderCAST Livecam a new home, whether it be in your backyard, condo balcony, or place of business! Please read on for more details.

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“First Snow” contest entries are in! Now it’s a waiting game…

Thanks to everyone who entered our “First Snow” contest. We briefly review the entries, which surprisingly follow closely with Boulder’s climatology.

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