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Tune in for our regular podcast discussing anything and everything related to Boulder weather, including discussion of past weather events, the upcoming forecast, casual explanations of various facets of meteorology, interviews with local scientists, and our professional opinions on all the hot weather topics. Join us on the journey!

White Christmas Forecast: Jet-forced snow Saturday night, but will it last? (Updated)

We discuss the forecast for more snow Saturday night across the Front Range, and detail the locations that will see a White Christmas!

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Episode #26: Topographic Enhancement of Precipitation

Which of the hosts had the worst wipe-out while skiing? Where was thunder snow reported across the area? What specific effects does the topography of the Front Range have on our precipitation events? Listen to find out!

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Episode #25: Examining the Snowfall World Record


How reliable is the current world-record snowfall event from Boulder County set way back in 1921? What are the guidelines for taking official snowfall measurements? What happened during the February 22 snow event to produce more than 5″ in Boulder, but less than 1″ in Denver? Listen to find out!

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Episode #24: El Niño is Winding Down


How out of the ordinary is the recent warmth across Colorado and the western United States? Which of the hosts most accurately predicted our snow total for the Groundhog Day storm? What is our snow and temperature outlook for the second half of winter as El Niño continues to weaken? Listen to find out!

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Episode #23: Snowstorm Predictions

What factors are impacting our forecast for the upcoming snowstorm? What are the potential implications if we officially adopt the naming of winter storms? Where did Joseph get the mysterious box of cookies he brought to the podcast? Listen to find out!

*NOTE* For those interested in discussion related specifically to the impending snowstorm, that begins at the 1 hour, 10 minute mark of the audio

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Episode #22: A Look Back at 2015


What wild Boulder weather made it into our year-end recap? Which Boulder restaurant did Matt contract food poisoning from? Why was this year’s El Niño disappointing thus far? Listen to this special edition podcast to find out!

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Episode #21: Answering Auto-Complete


Why do snowflakes always have six sides? Why are the hosts excited about the continuation of the southern storm track? How did Andy’s first experience with Airbnb go? Listen to find out!

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Episode #20: The Polar Vortex


Historically, what are Boulder’s chances of a white Christmas?  What makes tornado chasing in the Southeast U.S. more challenging than the Great Plains? What are the facts surrounding the Polar Vortex? Listen to find out!

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Episode #19: Giving Thanks


What factors do we consider when making a snowfall forecast? What did the hosts pick up on sale during Black Friday? What is the process like to get our research published in a scientific journal? Listen to find out!

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Episode #18: A Tale of No Snow


Where does Boulder rank on America’s list of windiest cities? What contributed to the November 16th snowstorm being a bust for us? Do anemometers account for atmospheric pressure? Listen to find out!

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Episode #17: The Martian


How recently have each of the hosts gone trick-or-treating? Is the meteorology depicted in the blockbuster movie, “The Martian,” accurate? What is our tropical expert’s thoughts on Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever observed? Listen to this special Halloween edition of the podcast to find out!

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BoulderCAST Podcast Episode #16: Climate-Proofing Boulder


How close was last week’s rain event to instead being a major snowstorm for the Plains? How many of Colorado’s glaciers are “real”? Will October go down as the warmest on record?  Listen for find out!

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BoulderCAST Podcast Episode #15: Barely a Cloud


When will Boulder see its first snowfall? Are 80-degree days done for 2015? Will the hosts reveal their secret spot for taking in the fall colors? Are we officially in a drought? Listen for find out!

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